Tuesday, April 28, 2015

On security challenges of the Internet of Things

I was asked by one of the leading security companies to come and talk with its technical leaders about the security challenges of the Internet of Things, which I believe is one of the major challenges in this area.  Here are my thoughts on my weekly column in RTInsights.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Real time insights, the real-timer and the blog

I have not written in this Blog for a while, but am returning now to Blogging (I have been quite active in micro-blogging on Facebook and Twitter, though)..

Actually I am now into three types of Blogging.

The first one is this Blog: it will always be my "home" personal Blog, and in which I'll continue to write personal posts, and provide links to the other blog that I am writing about now the "real-timer".

A couple of years ago we started an Internet magazine called "RTInsights" and published a couple of issues on pilot basis.   Now we are back at RTInsights, in a new form as a website described as follows:

"RTInsights is an independent expert-driven web resource singularly focused on helping senior business and IT professionals accelerate their business with real-time insights. 
RTInsights provides a forum for business, IT and research professionals to learn from other people's experiences, glean insights from independent expert opinions, discover new developments, and follow relevant industry and vendor news. We are dedicated to helping you understand what it takes to accelerate your business by transforming your culture, processes and systems to real-time, thereby driving significant business value in your organization.

Our technology coverage includes the application of business analytics, big data, Internet of Things, cloud infrastructure, Event processing, intelligent BPM and decision management, and any other critical technologies for operating your business in real-time.  Our in-depth specialized content is provided by expert analysts, consultants and enterprise practitioners focused on the real-time enterprise."   

 My role in RTInsights is twofold:  I am writing a weekly post under the "Real-timer", which will provide professional opinions on the area of RTInsights.  There are couple of posts there, one old and one new.    The old one is entitled: "Flying Forward, Looking Backward: Statistical analysis of the past is not enough to navigate the future".    The new one is entitled: "Reversing the Roles".  

The other role is "International Technical Editor" in which I'll cover applications, activities, and companies in this area outside the USA, with an emphasis on developing countries.  

If you wonder where is the third activity of Blogging.  It is quite different one, a relatively new Blog in which I post my own attempts at poetry in Hebrew, though the Blog has a Latin name.

More - later.   

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 -- A year of change

2014 was for me a year of change, actually many changes...  I have written less in this Blog this year, average of one post per week, while in the past I used to post every couple of days..  Made a note to myself to get better at this in 2015...    

The main nominal change was the change.  In February I wrote a post in this Blog entitled "moving on"  where I reported on career change, after long period in IBM Research I have taken a position to lead societal-academic initiative called "The Institute of Technological Empowerment".  This is a different world,  different in mentality, different in content, and different in the surrounding environment.    The lifestyle is different. I used to go to the office in the morning, spend all day either in my own office or in conference room and get out of work while it is dark outside.  Today there are not two similar days:  I have a nice office (which looks like a combination of a library and art gallery), but I don't go there every day.  I spend a lot of time in meetings outside. I am travelling a lot and driving a lot.  Meeting new people of types I never met -- politicians, educators, artists, media people, subject matter experts in various areas such as agriculture, gerontology, traditional industries etc...  Gaining a new work partners, some of them are amazing people very different from the people I used to work...    

Working now on things related to education and activities to enrich high-school students in the Israeli periphery, something quite remote from what I've done, and getting to some new ideas in multi-disciplinary research...  

Many starts, and 2015 will be a year to accomplish many of the starts....  very curious to read what I'll write a year from today... 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

CEP Market players - end of 2014 - from Paul Vincent

Paul Vincent published the new instance of his series on the genealogy of event processing players, as seen in the picture above.   Note that it includes also streaming platforms like STORM which is not an event processing tool per se, but a platform on which event processing functionality can be programmed.  Such platforms are indeed the most notable shift from previous versions.  

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Starting my own radio show

When asked what do you want to do when you grow up, some people say they want to be pilots, and some say they want to be firefighters.  I was a strange kid and said: I want to work in the radio,  

The years passed and I have gone into computer programming and then into other areas around information technology and gave up my childhood dream, but did not forget it.

A few months ago I discovered that there is a regional radio station located in the campus of the college I am working in. I approached the station manager with the idea to have my own radio show in which I am hosting interesting people talking about technology, societal activities, and the bridge between them.   She agreed to record a pilot and take it from there.    I have recorded three  sessions, and then an opening session, interviewing me (in the picture), and then this week the program went live.    Until this year I have never participated in a radio program, neither as host nor as a participant. Earlier this year I have been interviewed twice in two different radio stations about the activity of the Institute of Technological Empowerment,  Actually I prefer the role of host, it is a lot of fun!. 
Here is a picture in which I am hosting my first interviewer, Rami Gazit.

It is never late to fulfill the childhood dreams....

For those who can read Hebrew, all details are in the Facebook page of the program.