Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First Blog

Hi. This is Opher Etzion, you can see my picture in the left-hand site (well, I belong to the left-handed minority). I have never written a diary, a blog, or anything similar, but in our hectic days, blogs seem to be a good means for communicating thoughts, so I have been tempted to start my own blog. People who know me, also know that I tend to introduce myself as carrying three different hats: In my daily job I am lead architect of event processing technologies for IBM Software Group's Wehsphere division (part of the ESB technical strategy team); I am also an adjunct professor at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology where I am teaching event processing, and my third hat is a catalyst to promote the community and discipline of event processing, on this hat I am also chairing the EPTS (Event Processing Technical Society). I'll be writing the blog as part of my third hat, thus, it will represent my own opinions, not those of my employer IBM.
The blog will contain thoughts about various topics in event processing - conceptual, definitions, architecture and commentry. The blog will also include some educational material I am preparing for a course on Event Processing I am teaching in the fall. So - enough meta-information, let's move to the first real posting.

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J Writer Dude said...


I am excited that you have decided to add a new hat (or possibly a feather in your catalyst hat) of blogger. I throughly have enjoyed reading what I have been able to get my hands that you have written and have RSS'd this blog to get the updates as you release them.

The funny part to me about blogs is that although it seems an easy enough task, finding the time has been my problem.

Well, my friend, again many happy returns on your blogging/evangelism efforts.