Friday, October 5, 2007

Events from unstructured sources

This is an holiday in Israel ("succot"), and I have travelled with my family to the national park in Ramat-Gan (about 100 KM away from home, not that far, well - Israel is a small country, you can't go far anywhere..) to see the exhibition of "speaking chairs", many artists have painted and sculptured chairs, where all the basic chairs look like this, and the chairs are spread across the park (here is one sample in the picture)...

Today's topic is about getting events from unstructured sources. Event has been defined as something that happens, and one of the questions - how do we know it happen. Some of the events are pushed (e.g. stock quotes), but many of the events in the universe, should be obtained by analysis of various sources of input. Video streams is one source - e.g. understanding from a video stream that somebody climbs a security fence, a stolen car just entered the highway, and a person whose driving licence has been revoked is driving. Some other interesting events can be obtained from news streams, even from Emails, and other type of unstructured texts.

I believe that the event processing of the future will deal not only with the events that are easy to get, since somebody pushes them, but in many cases, with events that are not easy to get, and not easy to realize that they happened, since it will involve analyzing different media streams, we can see some early implementation of this area, and I believe it has a big potential, good topics for theses, also.... have fun.

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