Thursday, October 25, 2007

Teaching an event processing course

Since nobody ever took a picture of me teaching a class - I have brought the closest thing, a picture of me giving a talk in a conference. Anyway, this week I have started to teach an event processing course at the Technion. It is a strange situation now, since the faculty members are striking, they did not open the school year, but since I am an adjunct professor (the official title is: adjunct senior teaching associate) I am not striking, but they may close the campus at some point - so not sure what will happen. In any event, I have started the event processing course, and asked the students to read the blogs in this area as a background material. The course is intended to be a blend of theory and practice, where on one hand I am teaching the theory of event processing (my interpretation of it, to be exact), and one the other hand the students will be required (in teams) to implement a project that uses some CEP engine and some infrastructure around it to demonstrate an application prototype. Going to be interesting, and I'll provide more details about things related to the class as the course progresses. The discussions will also provide me more topics to blog around. One of the EPTS pending activities is to create a portal for teaching material around event processing. I know that some of my colleagues around the globe like Mani Chandy and Rainer von Ammon are also teaching event processing courses, and there may be perhaps some others. So will try to get some updates on the other courses as well. More - later.

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