Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Introducing DEBS 2008

DEBS 2008 is an international conference that is becoming the "flagship" conference of the Event Processing community. The Research discipline of "event processing" has its origin in various disciplines - databases (active databases, stream processing); verification; simulation; rules; programming languages and distributed computing. DEBS have been for several years a conference of the "pub/sub" community that came from distributed computing, they still control this conference (I have suggested to get some people out of this community to the steering committee but it has not happened yet !!). In the course of establishing the "event processing" community, a research annual conference is an important step, as you can see in the call for papers, the list of topics is quite comprehensive, in order to do that, there is an agreement for 2008 to hold other research workshops/conferences in this area, such as EDAPS and join forces
on DEBS 2008 (however, we shall still hold EPTS conference next year, as the goal is different).
In addition to the research program, DEBS 2008 will have:
  • Industrial session - where vendors/customers can present
  • Demo session - to demo products/prototypes
  • Tutorials - in-depth study of the state-of-the-art

There is plenty of time to prepare - deadline to submit in all these category is in March (the conference itself is in early July) -- last but not least -- an opportunity to visit Rome (I have never been there outside the airport).

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