Tuesday, November 13, 2007

On more or less important issues - the case of event processing languages

There are things important in life - and things that are less important.
In the picture you can see my four daughters ride two elephants in our family vacation in Thailand earlier this year, for me they are obviously very important, while other things may be less important in life. I am returning to the issue of event processing languages, since I realize that too much are being spent over the community on comparison of what a certain language syntax can or cannot do - I admit that I have also contributed my share to this discussion.
Now I am raising the question --- is it an important topic to deal with? yes - I realize that some vendors would like to make a language as a differentiator (I am not sure if anybody succeeded in this task), it is also true that some people in the development community have programming style preference, but since I see the trend of getting the patterns/rules/queries being constructed by semi-technical people, who will not be able to use many of the languages anyway, and will need higher level abstractions anyway.
Therefore, I think that the more important thing to understand are - requirements and semantic features of event processing - so I intend, at least for a while, to stay away from the programming style and concentrate more on these two issues.
more - later.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Opher!

Great photo!

That is one of the best photos of elephant riding in Thailand I have ever seen.

Thanks for posting.

Yours faithfully, Tim