Thursday, December 20, 2007

On - "one size fits all" and Event Processing

Like commercial TV station - if a Blog wants to get "rating" one have to put somewhat controversial - the number of visitors to this Blog has more than doubled in the last few days when I had exchanges of opinions and folk stories with Tim Bass, anyway -- I got tired and did not continue that discussion. One question that I have received somehow related was -- does the fact that I don't think it is worth talking about ESP and CEP as separate entities means that I believe that there is a "one size fits all" in event processing ? well - this is a fair question, in the past I did believe it is true, until I read Mike Stonebraker in his immortal assertion: "One size fits all is a concept whose time has come and gone" Actually, I ceased to believe in it a little earlier, I think that the event processing area is not a monolithic area, and there are some variations needed - however:
  • I don't believe that ESP vs. CEP is the right type of partition in this area;
  • There may be a need to have various implementation under one roof (the heterogeneous framework approach),

For the first point -- what is the right type of partition ? this is a multi-dimensional questions and we still have to learn more to know the most useful combinations.

One of the important dimensions is the "reason for use" dimension, and here in an internal IBM study we got to five different reasons to use, I'll write about it in one of the next postings.

EPTS has recently launched a workgroup that tries to identify these classifications by doing a comprehansive survey of use cases that will be compared using the same template. A team that consists of Tao Lin (SAP), Dieter Gawlick (Oracle) and Pedro Bizzaro (University of Coimbra, Portugal) is working on this template, and a larger team will handle this survey and analysis -- the end result - a collaborative white paper about the state of the practice in event processing is expected somewhere in the second quarter of 2008. Stay tuned.

More - Later.

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