Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hype vs. value -- a constructive view

Besides free advertising to an e-book, the illustration above - together with the title indicates that I am going to write something constructive - in the previous posting on "bitter pills" I have provoked the evil spirits and got sick with a flu, so with some almost sleepless nights, I have been too tired to Blog -- today is much better - so back in business. There are several people complaining about -- we need to get from hype to more impact on business, something is lacking today etc --- all true ! I also said that we need to take a constructive view - not only complain, but see what should be done. So here is an initial attempt to do it, actually nothing new here, just listing some observations done by various people:
  1. More packaged applications based on EP technology should be constructed -- the model of using an EP tool as an application development tool covers only small part of the potential market, since, in the end of the day, business executives are interested in applications and not in technology.
  2. Enable business users (non-IT developers) to control the behavior (e.g. define, modify, compose patterns/rules), since agility is an important expectation of the customers
  3. Learn how to articulate the business vale -- yes we all know "threats and opportunities" but this is somewhat too abstract for the decision makers -- the business value is also not unique, there are various types of applications with different business values, and explaining the right one is crucial - more thoughts about the various types of business values -- in one of the next postings.
  4. Advance on standards -- customers don't like proprietary.

Of course - this is only the initial list, not even talking about advances in technology, to start the discussion - more later.

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Eran said...

The case for standards is a strong one, I think. What is the use of events, if they cannot be distributed across the organizations and between organizations? Without widespread standards there is no critical mass of events, and application which are driven by events.

Are there any standards today?