Friday, February 8, 2008

On Event Processing Web Sites

In the last few days there is a debate in the community around the launch of Marco's wiki entitled "event processing wiki" - one opinion said - we already have a portal - David Luckham's site that contains a discussion forum and there will be more visibility to postings on a more known site. The other opinion is "let a thousands flowers bloom" an indication for the vitality of a community is in multiple sites, wikis, blogs etc.

You may ask yourself - what is the Rabbi's picture doing here? do I think that this is a religious question, or have I become religious in my old age. The question is - none of the above - this discussion reminded me an old Jewish story (nothing to do with Rabbi Malkior, an ex-minister and member of the Israeli parlaiment, whose picture you can see) :

An husband and wife came in front of the Rabbi so that he can judge in a dispute among them. The Rabbi listens to the wife and says - you are right, then the husband told the Rabbi his claimes and the Rabbi said - you are right too. After they have gone away - the Rabbi's assistant asks him - how is it possible that they both have been right, they told you contradicting things - and the Rabbi answered patiently - you are also right, of course.

This, more or less, reflects my opinion on the discussion. I totally agree that we, as a community, should not have a central control, and communities are distributed by nature and not centralized. I also agree that posting on a known an popular portal has more visibility then on not-yet-established one, so I'll leave it to the "market forces".

Talking about portals - there is another interesting EP portal now, dedicated mostly to scientific papers in this discipline, and include references to many articles: event

Bottom line: At least cross-reference...

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