Sunday, March 30, 2008

Moving to a new job - but actually staying in the same office

This is part of the Haifa Bay as seen from the IBM building (not from my office - I am in the back side!). On April 1st I am moving to a new job - without physically moving office (which means that I am still in IBM).

What role I am completing ? in the last three years I have been in a technical strategy role for the IBM Websphere product organization.
I have arrived to the product organization when people there did not really know much about "event processing" (well, IBM has done some forms of event processing in the past, but the people inside IBM did not think of that this way), I have worked on technical strategy, and business strategy, chairing and participating in workgroups, worked on business evaluation with the business side of IBM, working on comprehansive requirement survey in multiple industries, participating in many reviews, preparing answers for skeptic people etc.. I am leaving this position in a state that IBM sees event processing as part of its main stream middleware (as evident in the acquisition of Aptsoft, and some other activities), and as the next big thing.
Of course, the relationships between my presence and IBM's decision to jump on board the event processing ship may be just a coincidence...
Anyway - it seems that the next challange for me will be in shaping the next generation, while I still be somewhat involved in the work on the current generation.
One of my findings is that the "event revolution" has not occured yet, and I would like to go back to the drawing board, and do some work to address some fundemental challanges. In order to concentrate on this goal, I am re-joining to the IBM Research division and will focus on these research challanges (hopefully without many interruptions, each organization collects its own taxes on one's time, and IBM Research is no different ). What has not changed ? I am continuing to represent IBM in the EPTS and will honor all external commitments.
Stay tuned for call for membership in EPTS - coming this week.


Richard Brown said...

Congratulations on the new role!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new job.
I have been following your blog for nearly a year and the thoughts you have been posting here have been motivating me. May be most of the clicks from Japan are mine. You changed job at a time when I am entertaining the idea too. My company is trying to introduce CEP technology into Japan and provide a kind of consulting service in this area but it is a really frustratiing business here. CEP wave has not reached Japan!!!
You mentioned that you found that CEP revolution had not occured yet.
My question is is it likely to occur any time soon?
Drop me a line if you have time
Tanaka Yuki

Opher Etzion said...

To: Tanaka Yuki - Usually I don't allow comments from "anonymous" sources, but since you signed your time I've published it. As for your question - if you wish to communicate, please send me Email to:



Eran said...