Wednesday, March 26, 2008

On Event Driven Marketing

Following my previous posting that talked about the effect of event processing on the life of some people, I came across another interesting article today that describes event-driven marketing, where event can be: "customer service call, a type of transaction, going through a spending level in a particular period, customer's birthday". This is different from traditional marketing, finding the right opportunity to issue personalized marketing is a capability enabled by processing events. More interesting applications - later.

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Jason Fernandes said...

The biggest benefit seen with employing
EDM is that there is minimal wastage - of
time, effort and money. Instead of
conducting a campaign based on the
marketer's sales objectives, an Event Driven
approach is focused more on the customer's
need. Customers receive promotional offers
and service messages that are of interest to
them at the moment, and marketers avoid
the shotgun approach typical of most