Monday, March 3, 2008

On the Event Processing Language Style

A few days ago, I got back my car that has been damaged in an accident
(I had a replacement car, did not really use public transport in this period), and on Saturday travelled with my family (well - most of it) to the nature reserve of Alonei Abba known for its flowers (see one in close-up). Anyway, I have been thinking lately about what should be the ideal language for event processing. I have written before about the fact that some of these who has approached this issue, took it as an extension to existing programming paradigms, be it SQL or business rules; some are using imperative script language. However, in previous posting, I have argued that a business user should control the behavior of the event driven applications ,
While the original idea of SQL (like Cobol) was to address the non-programmers community, they both did not achieve this goal. Imperative lanaguge of course is also not an answer - besides this fact, in all of them the EP is imposed on abstractions that were intended for other purposes - and don't include abstractions that are relevant to event processing -- thus, the style of language requires paradigm shift, similar to the paradigm shift that SQL has done to database query lanaguages... more thoughts about the language - later.

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