Saturday, April 12, 2008

On Semantic Event Processing

This nice castle seems European, but it is really located in Tarrytown, NY. I am not living in castles, but in a hotel in the small town of Tarrytown that has many hotels. After a busy week - starting in Pasadena, visiting Mani Chandy in Cal Tech, spending three days in IBM's Impact 2008 and visit the IBM research center in Hawthorne yesterday, and before going home this evening, I have some time for Blogging. Catching up with the recent Blogs I have found several ones that has gone semantic: Jack Rusher from Aleri, Marco from Rulecore, Paul Vincent from TIBCO all have written about "semantic CEP", with the idea to use domain dependent onthologies. The idea to use semantic relations between entities as part of event processing is something we played with a few years ago (during my previous tenure in IBM research) and I believe it has a big future, certainly when the trend is to move parts of the development to the business user, this can certainly help. So - this is certainly in our road map. Will write more on this topic later.


Jack van Hoof said...

Hi Opher,

I recently discovered your blog. I like the subject you are blogging about and the way you do that. I'm also blogging about it myself.

I think managing semantics is the key to success in even driven architectures.

You and your readers might find these postings of myself interesting:

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Canonical Data Model is the incarnation of Loose Coupling

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Opher Etzion said...

Hi Jack.

I've added your Blog to my list of inspirtation Blogs. I'll write more on semantics issues - I agree that they may play important role.