Tuesday, May 13, 2008

On Event Processing Networks - take one

Our BEA colleagues have once published an "Hello World" applications done with event processing network, since "Hello World" is the killer application of every programming paradigm -). Recently, a paper trying to define "Event Processing Networks" by Guy Sharon and myself, has been published in the on-line addition of IBM Systems Journal; anybody interested is welcome to read and comment. This is "take one", and we are still working on refining the terms, as well as looking on implementation and optimization issues in
heterogenous event processing networks - more later.


harvey said...

Hello Opher! I am preparing for our call next week - so I am catching up reading your blog :-)

I started reading your (Sharon/Etzion) EPN model paper and for some reason I couldn't get BPEL and XML out of my head (I used to be on the BPEL committee). I think it's because of your later blog entry on COTS and thinking about how to make EPN useful in the world of existing tools and applications...

In any case, some topics that would be useful to discuss are:
(a) Can a BPEL process be modeled as a producer and/or consumer in an EPN? (showing that an EPN can be bigger than a single BPEL process)
(b) Can an EPN be input to a BPEL process (say via output from an EPN CEP module) (showing that a BPEL process can leverage an EPN)
(c) Is there any relation between pi-calculus and EPN?

Maybe we can discuss later.

Take care,

Opher Etzion said...

Hello Harvey.

I have a M.Sc. student, Alex Kofman, who is doing his thesis on - relations of BPEL and event processing, including several concrete proposal where BPEL should be extended. When this work will further mature I'll expose it.