Sunday, June 8, 2008

On EPTS again - calling for customers to join EPTS

After the first excitement of the launch (first press release is out, press briefing is out, some more press articles are coming soon, some of the members have referred in blogs or news, second press release is on its way) this is the time to extend the community. We have very good coverage of vendors, good coverage of academic people, some coverage of analysts. As I have written in the last blog, the target now is to add more customers. EPTS will issue a call for customers - in various places and opportunities (e.g. the Gartner EPS). What is the main motivation of customers to join:
  • Impact: A lot of activities are forthcoming that will help shaping technologies, their positioning, studies about ROI, terminology, and interoperability issues. EPTS members will be able to impact all these activities - either directly (participating in working groups) or indirectly (reviewing and commenting). Some of the customers community have a lot to contribute - they give talks about EP, they blog about it, and they express opinions on forums. This will be an organized way to translate the opinions and knowledge to impact.
  • Learning: EPTS will provide various community activities that will able its members to learn both on the technology and the business impact side of event processing, as well as sharing and learning best practices.
  • Networking: The various conferences, the work-group conference calls, and other activities will enable active networking, besides networking facilities already exists (user groups, forums and social networks - that will all still exist).
  • Help influence the establishment of "event processing" as an academic direction, impact research directions, and university level courses.

To remind you - there is no cost associated with joining EPTS, directions about joining can be found here:

Stay tuned for call for participation and contributions in the EPTS annual meeting in September 17-19, coming soon.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly right! I was wondering on Friday how to get customers tell their CEP stories in my post.
Getting them to join EPTS would be a great step forward.