Tuesday, July 15, 2008

On the EPTS Glossary

Today, EPTS has announced on the first version of the EPTS event processing glossary. The glossary has been edited by Roy Schulte and David Luckham, with contribution of many people throughout the community. The editors had quite a big challenge, as different vendors have been using different terminology, and this confuses the customers and sometimes owrselves. As you can see in the press release, there are support quotes from the entire community -- vendors, analysts, academic people and customers; this is an indication that the community prefers to have a common terms that everybody will use, instead on constant debates on terms.
The glossary can be downloaded from the EPTS website.
This glossary as one of the editors noted is a "living document" and will be updated periodically, since the area of event processing is still evolving. It is a starting point only, however, since it has been available in various draft forms on David Luckham's CEP portal, the glossary only received traction, and I am meeting people in various places who say that they adopted the terminology. Would I personally define all terms the way it has been defined in the glossary -- not really, and I guess this is true for many people, but since the glossary is a consolidation of various opinions and proposals, the editors have done a pretty good job of making everybody relatively happy, and the EPTS steering committee that consist of people who had initially used different terms, has unanimously approved it - as good enough to serve as first version.
What next ? - if you wish to propose to add more terms, or to modify the definition of existing terms - please use the Wiki on the EPTS website to make comments.
Citing my Irish friend, Brian Connel : friends, romans, countrymen - this is your glossary, help shape its future ! (I am the last year in Israel that has learned Shakespeare's Julius Caeser - so I can identify the source).

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