Saturday, July 26, 2008

On Patagonia Dinosaurs and Disruptive Technologies

Saturday night, at home in Haifa. Today I went along with (most of) my family to visit the fossils of some Patagonia Dinosaurs . The exhibition took place in the local technology museum, and since the last time I've been there, I noticed that they have eliminated the museum's parking lot, asking the visitors to find parking in the center city -- which is not easy even in regular days, and becoming more difficult when many people somehow have the same idea that they wish to spend Saturday noon in looking at old lizards... Anyway, after two rounds I have found a good parking place, making a note that there are soon elections for the mayor of Haifa.

Anyway, looking at the fossils, among the many people who were there, I also looked at a poster explaining the various assumptions why these animals became extinct.
This has drawn me to thinking in two directions -- when will humanity become extinct, and getting back into technology -- when does disruptive technology makes previous technologies obsolete? in our case -- will we have a second (or third) generation of event processing technologies which will be disruptive for everything that exists today ? --- well, we can only speculate at this point, but it is a good topic to think about... This can be one of the topics that we'll ask the senior technologist panel in the EPTS F2F meeting. More - Later.

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