Wednesday, September 10, 2008

On events about events

Today, our entire family has travelled to the "instruction basis" of the Israeli Navy, where my (second) daughter had the ceremony of finishing her basic training, above is the logo of the Israeli Navy, the Navy is the only branch of the army who has ceremonial white uniforms, so it was all white day...

This is also, somehow, the time in the year where many things related to event processing happen. Yesterday, IBM (the company who pays my salary) has done what was known internally as the "events event" in Boston for analysts and press, some report on it exist in the media, I think that David Berlind's report in "information week" is the most thorough one and includes video and slides. I have also seen several announcement by other vendors.

Next week there will be the two back-to-back events, the Gartner EPS - second of its kind, follows by the EPTS event processing symposium - which is fourth of its kind, but first one after the formal EPTS launch. The first one to hear analysts reports and some other talks geared to customers, the second - highly interactive, discussion oriented meeting geared to the EP community. This is primarily for EPTS members, but we have invited some guests. The EPTS meeting will be video-taped by CITT, and will be posted on the Web, so additional people willl have access to the material.

I'll blog more on these events next week. Looking forward to see the active those active in the community and also some new faces...


Prasoon said...

The link to David Berlind's report in information week is erroreneous. It is

Opher Etzion said...

Thanks Prasoon.

I've corrected the link.