Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On the Gartner EPS 2008

Early morning in Stamford. The "hype cycle" has become Gartner's most known artifact, as well as their constant flow of TLAs - SOA, BAM, EDA, RTE, XTP - are all Gartners' words. The Gartner EPS has ended last night, and in less than two hours we'll start the EPTS 4th event processing symposium (so Roy Schulte will be able to relax and I'll start sweating).
Some short impressions from the conference (besides the networking and meeting again old friends).
  • The Gartner analysts came with new slides, but very little new insights relative to their past messages.
  • Mani Chandy had interesting talk, saying that EDA is a natural continuation of SOA and not a paradigm shift (good topic to discuss). Also said that one of the big benefits of EP is - saving time for people by filtering and aggregation of flowing information.
  • David Luckham has talked about "holistic event processing" as the future -- which from technology point of view means - dynamic big event processing networks. Also talked about the need to have formally defined clear semantics of event processing language (well - that is what we are trying to do in EPDL).
  • Marc Adler has a great talk (in my opinion, the best one) - about his experience in developing CEP application, which seems to be a success story. He talked about criteria to select a vednor, difficulties in the development itself, and shortages in the state-of-the-art. One of his insights is that unlike what the "stream SQL" fans are saying that since people know SQL anyway, it is a good basis, he claims that while the syntax looks like SQL, it is a totally different type of thinking, and the knowledge of SQL does not help on getting it.
  • Richard Brown had a talk about collecting events from text - news, blogs etc... I think that getting events from unstructured data has a lot of potential, I also talked with somebody who told me about start-up that extracts events from video cameras - the scenario of tracing behavior of people that fit the shop-lifting pattern (was discussed recently in Blogs) - may become reality soon, it seems that the technology is getting there.

That is all my time permits me to write today -- more later.

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