Saturday, September 6, 2008

On subjective view about discussion agenda

I tend to believe in positive thinking, my previous Blog posting had a somewhat negative tone, since it explained why certain discussions over the blog-land turn me off (I am quoting Giles Nelson from Apama). Sometimes one has to voice a negative tone to make a point, but today I would like to quickly return to positive tone, and say what I do want to see on the blog-land. This is, of course, my own subjective view, as noted in the title, and other people may have other interests.
First - there are both macro-level issues and micro-level issues that worth discussing; macro-level issues relate to the "event processing" discipline in general, while micro-level issues relate to particular topics that are of interest. I'll partition the discussion to -- applications and technology.
Macro issues about event processing applications:
  • What are the types of event processing applications, what are the motivation/ROI for using event processing?
  • What are the conditions for EP COTS to "beat" hand-coded EP
  • Business evaluation about trends, markets, industries etc...
  • Relationships with other areas - BPM, SOA, XTP, CODA, Cloud computing and more.

Micro issues about event processing applications:

  • Description of interesting applications
  • Experience report of customers - what worked well? What needs improvement.
  • Patterns of use and methodologies for best practices.

Macro issues about event processing technology:

  • Technology trends and Research trends
  • Technology challenges and engineering challenges
  • Standards

Micro issues about event processing technology:

  • New functional features (e.g. supporting uncertain events)
  • Non-functional requirements (e.g. what is latency?)
  • Languages
  • Development tools
  • Optimizations

Some of the recent postings on Blogs are exactly on such topics: The Smart Order Routing application, The Value of state and more.

This is probably not a complete list, but indicates on directions, this is more or less the topics that will be discussed in the 4th event processing symposium, and in the next postings on this Blog - I already have a backlog of several topics to post...

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