Wednesday, October 8, 2008

On HITC and some small stuff

I have written about a month ago about the Arab Israeli High Tech Center, whose first goal will be to convert Arab Israeli engineers and mathematicians, to work in the very demanding Israeli high-tech industry. Earlier this week there was very impressive ceremony of kick-off for the center (that somehow migrated from AITC to HITC), in the two picture above - the top one is a group photo of the management and industry advisory committee of the center, and in the bottom one you can see me sitting in the crowd, with my eldest daughter, Anat, that decided to come and watch. This project is highly supported by the Israeli High-Tech industry and some of them included their country general managers -- like: HP, Oracle, BMC, EDS and Matrix (and Israeli services company), and other companies like - IBM, Motorola, Intel, Microsoft, Checkpoint and more, were represented by a senior person, there were several hundred people present, and was quite impressive -- studies will start in February 2009, and still a lot of work to be done to make it happen, but people came in feeling of a history in the making.

And back to event processing -- in the next posting I'll talk about the semantic question I have posted last week, and meanwhile just some short comments:

  • Mark Tsimlezon from Coral8 tries to define what is "CEP engine" stating that there is some confusion in the market about this. I almost agree with what he has written and wondered if I should react, since my reaction can further confuse people... So I'll just remark that the term "platform" starts to be very popular, but with somewhat different meanings. I'll write more about platforms in the future.
  • Marc adler is blogging about MSFT Oslo and his CEP application - without going now to further details I believe that the direction of having the ability to interface in the user's domain terminology and way of thinking, and then map it automatically to an execution language (directly or through intermediate representation) is a correct idea, somewhat beyond the state-of-the-art today; there will probably be several ways to do it, but a good topic to work on.
  • Marco from RuleCore is blogging about the pain of their SAAS model and mentions some obstacles, this is a good topic for further discussion, it was also presented in the EPTS meeting by Bob Marcus. Clear, there are some applications that can be served by this model and some (e.g. distributed applications) are not. Will discuss this issue in length in one of the coming postings.

More topics - Later


Anonymous said...

Hi Opher,

Good to hear that you seem to mostly agree with my definition of what a CEP engine is. I certainly don't claim that my definition is the only right one. I just wanted to come up with a simple sentence folks can parse and relate to.

As a side note, the link to my blog seems to be broken in your post. The right link is this one. There is an extra "http://" at the end of your link.

Best regards,


Opher Etzion said...

Hi Mark.

Thanks - I have corrected the link.

Your simple sentence is quite good, I am only bothered from the word "platform" which is used somewhat differently (e.g. by BEA/Oracle).