Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On 20000 visitors in the Blog

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The numbere 20,000 typically reminds me of the famous book that you can see some poster taken from the related movie, however, today it means something else -- the 20,000th visitor has visited this Blog. Many of them just arrive there somehow while scanning the cyberspace, more interestingly, around 1,500 visitors are quite frequent repeating visitors, and a similar number are visiting from time to time (but in total visited at least 15 times). 10 percents of the visit were direct, and of the rest, most were referrals from varios type of Google options, and some refering sites: Complexevents (and the forum), Tim Bass's Blog, TIBCO's Blog, RuleCore's Blog and Apama's Blog.
More statistics: The most popular posting, by far, is : "On Unicorn, Professor and Infant"
written in June 2008, and still fresh. The next one is: On Agnon, the dog, playing and downplaying. Soon I'll write a follow up to this one. The third one talks on event stream processing, quite an old one. The next one, like the current posting is gossip about the Blog itself, last time I have written about this Blog, almost a year ago, the Blog had 3,000 visitors.
In terms of geographical distribution -- still most of the readers are from the USA, followed by UK, Israel, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, India and Australia. The number of countries is now 135 - some of the new ones are: Reunion, Guam, Swaziland and Namibia.
As far as cities go -- London keeps the first place, followed by Haifa (my home town) and New York.
That's all for today -- a professional posting will foloow tomorrow.

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