Thursday, January 15, 2009

Welcome the ILOG team to the blue giant

Recently, the acquisition of ILOG by the blue giant (IBM, the company who pays my salary) has been completed.
It was interesting to read the InformationWeek article which had event processing in the title of this article.

ILOG is, of course, well known for its business rules product ( I had some history in this area in my past...).

There are various relationships between business rules and event processing technologies, and there are also various opinions about the various relationships.... I have blogged a year ago about this issue.

While I looked at business rules from EP perspective, Some ILOG guys also investigated the opposite direction, in the last EPTS meeting we had met Pierre-Henry Clouin, who blogged about it , prior to the EPTS meeting. Now we can continue the short discussion we had in Stamford .

Another ILOG guy who had a guest posting about EP issues is Changhai Ke.

Joining a big corporate is certainly a cultural change (shock for some), but also opens some horizons, so I wish Pierre-Henry, Changhai and the rest of the ILOG team a smooth transition and we'll certainly meet in one of the blue corridors.... Welcome on board.


Pierre Henri Clouin said...


Thanks a lot for your warm welcome.

The ILOG team is looking forward to the increased collaboration and is very excited about the opportunities made possible by the IBM acquisition.

Changhai Ke said...

Hi Opher,

Thank you for your notice and your warm welcome.

With ILOG joining IBM, it is sure that IBM’s dynamic BPM and event processing spectrum has been complemented with a significant piece: a rule-based decision service. As a metaphor, if BPM is about the chaining of the boxes (the boxes being the activities), then ILOG’s BRMS and optimization products will come to fill the contents of those boxes.

Thank you again for your nice blog and your contribution to the event community. I look to meet you again and have more extensive discussions.

Best regards,