Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More EPTS News

EPTS moved to an hyperactive phase with the launch of the six working groups. This has been also an opportunity to gain more members, as membership in the working groups is a privilige provided for EPTS members. There are several more members that belong to most of the different communities --- academic peo0le, consultants, customers and vednors (no new analysts...). I am especially glad to mention that CA has recently joined EPTS; I welcome CA as an expereinced company whose main line relates to managing infrastructure events, and knowing some of its people that have already been involved in the community, I am sure that they can make a substantial contribution to the technical society.

In fact, any new member interested to contribute to the understanding and progress of the event processing area on multiple fronts, is most welcome to join. There is a lot of action and place for contribution and innovation. Event Processing is a relatively young discipline; disciplines progress is accelerated with a community work. I am confident that the activities done today with a lot of excellent people who invest time and energy to contribute, will make a substantial impact on the universe. If you are interested to join EPTS, please follow the instructions

Somebody who looked at the public EPTS home page has asked me why there is not any trace for all the activities in this site? the answer is that on the public site we'll post final reports, but work in progress will be done internally, thus the "action" is reflected in the members Wiki.

EPTS is also starting to be recognized in the larger universe as a representative of the EP community. OMG mentioned EPTS explicitly in its RFP that deal with event meta-modeling stuff. Several articles in professional magazines, both industry oriented journals and general computing magazines are running articles about EP or CEP and cover EPTS as part of this article, I'll write more about any such article when I'll have it under my hands.

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