Monday, March 9, 2009

On the merge between Aleri and Coral8

The news of the day is definitely the merge between Aleri and Coral8, to create the "new Aleri".
This is interesting, since from bird-eye's-view it has seemed that both are quite similar in nature, however, the trend to form larger forces in this area, is positive, and add to previous acquisitions of Apama by Progress Software and Aptsoft by IBM. I have watched some merges, and they bring challenges to all involved, Marc Adler has pointed out some of them.

I have followed both vendors from early 2006, when we started to form the EP community, both of them have been active in the various EPTS activities, and the new Aleri now inherits Coral8 as a member of the EPTS steering committee. I wish my friends and colleagues in both sides of the new Aleri a lot of luck, and hope that they'll continue to contribute their innovation to advance the state-of-the-practice in event processing.

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