Thursday, April 23, 2009

Announcing the fifth EPTS Event Processing Symposium

Today, in the EPTS members monthly report, we made first announcement on the fifth EPTS Event Processing Symposium.

This annual meeting will take place this year in Trento, Italy, and planned for September 21-23,
The host and local arrangements coordinator is the EPTS member, Themis Palpanas from University of Trento.

We have decided to do this meeting in Europe this time; All of the four meetings that were took place so far were located in the USA, however around half of the members, and many of the active people in EPTS (including myself) are in the other side of the ocean (actually looking at the list of people who volunteered to be EPTS workgroup leaders, I think that more than half are outside the USA). It may even be true that most of the EP community is located in Europe (Israel, from geographical point of view is located in Asia, but typically has stronger ties to Europe).

The plan is to concentrate much of the symposium around report and discussion of the current EPTS working groups, which are the main activity for 2009. Also this will be an opportunity to start the discussion around the "grand challenges" for the EP area. We'll probably have again some invited speakers (this time from Europe), and some panels. More details -- later.

PS. I have written in one of the previous postings about Twitter, there is now also a CEP group on Twibe (a twitter application), set by Richard Tibbetts. I think that it posts the twitter messages sent by the group members and include "CEP" inside... Enjoy!

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Paul Vincent said...


The symposium will take place @ Trento, Italy on September 21-23

Note the new dates!