Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On our proposed EU project - Take I

CDG Airport, Paris.

This is, more or less, how the A3 road in Paris has looked like today when I was on my way to CDG airport, when I asked the taxi driver how long it will take to the airport he said - no more than 40 minutes, well it took 2 hours, and could have taken more, unless at some point he lost his patient, drove through the next exit, and navigated with his GPS through some small streets
to get to the airport from a different direction. Since the price of the taxi is a function not only of distance but of time also, then the price also exceeded (by far) his estimate... This was not the only traffic related event. My airline sent me SMS to notify me that my flight home has been cancelled and they re-booked me on the next flight 2 hours later (that's why I was not pressed of the long trip to the airport). They sent me the SMS in French, while I was sitting in a train, and the passenger sitting opposite to me was kind enough to translate me, 5 minutes later they re-sent me the same SMS, this time in Hebrew.

I ended the day in visiting ILOG, acquired by IBM, and before that in the morning, together with some of our partners, we had a meeting with the EU commission in Brussels, about a proposed EU project. This is planned to be a relatively big project that will look at the future web services infrastructure which will be event-driven, and include event-enabled BPM. . We got good and useful feedback, and have a lot of action items, like finalizing the consortium. I'll write more about it in the next few months.

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