Friday, May 8, 2009

On Smarter Planet

Still in Las Vegas. The icon above is the logo of IBM smarter planet, which is the main theme of the IMPACT conference. According to IBM, the smarter planet is instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. Event Processing is considered in all talks a key enabler. In the conference there has been a distribution of a mini-book, which includes the first few chapters from the upcoming book of Mani Chandy and Roy Schulte. Sandy Carter, IBM VP for Websphere marketing, has written a preface to this mini book, here is a quote: We at IBM are excited about event processing. As the planet becomes increasingly instrumented, interconnected , and intelligent, event processing is emerging as a key technology for mitigating risk, seizing opportunities, and achieving greater corporate agility. Smart cities, smart healthcare, some retail... these are just a few areas where event processing is adding more intelligent technology to our life. Under the smarter planet imitative there are vertical solutions, and today I went to listen to a talk by Honda Italy about smart manufacturing. Interesting stuff, more - later

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