Sunday, June 21, 2009

On the DEBS Event Processing Languages Tutorial

In the picture you can see manuscripts in some languages that require some expertise to parse...
Today I spent some time working on my part in the DEBS tutorial day entitled - Event Processing Language Tutorial, on behalf of the language analysis workgroup of EPTS. For this occasion we have also also launched an EPTS presentation logo, designed by Tammy Dekel, the graphical designer of my lab who also designed the EPTS logo.

The presentation starts with the following observation

and will include -- introduction including the language dimensions identified by the EPTS Language analysis workgroups, in-depth description of: SQL based languages, rule based languages, and EPA based languages, and then some advanced topics like: temporal properties, development environments and logic based semantics. The presentation is being prepared in a team work, and also be presented jointly by some of the members. We shall post the final version publicly, after the conference -- we need to finish it first.

There will be some more interesting tutorials in DEBS 2009 including the tutorial of the EPTS use case work group, a tutorial about event processing in capital markets, a tutorial about event processing in sensor networks and more. I am planned to be in Nashville for the DEBS conference, two weeks from now, and will report on the conference in this Blog. Stay tuned.

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