Monday, September 28, 2009

On Adaptive services

Chameleon is an adaptive animal, it can adapt it color to the environment. In the next few weeks my main task will be to complete a proposal for EU project that deals with adaptive services. I have (mistakenly?) agreed to coordinate a consortium that creates a proposal. We had a meeting in Trento following the EPTS event processing symposium. EU project has a benefit of getting funding for research that can explore more advanced topics then can be funded by commercial corporates, and also provide an opportunity to collaborate with some very good people both in industry and academia. The down side is that there should be much investment in the proposal, since it became extremely competitive.

The proposal is about the idea of adaptive services -- which means in plain words that the behavior of the system should be adapted to (unexpected?) events. This adaptation may require human interaction (e.g. modifying medical treatment protocols), or self-adaptation (e.g. change of emergency handling protocol on the fly). The research challenges here are in area of event processing -- having more advanced features that are beyond the state-of-the-art; adaptation, modeling and methodology of how to build such systems. More about this topic - later.

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