Thursday, December 17, 2009

On ecosystem for event processing

Today I woke up early, a car alarm has been activated, and was heard by the entire neighborhood, I think, except for the person who owns the car, although it parked in front of his house. I think that it lasted for 3 hours, maybe ran out of battery...

I also have to reject a lot of spam comments on my Blog recently, some of the problem was solved when I used the standard way to eliminate automatically created comments, but some still remain. Notes like: "I really like your Blog, you may be interested in my design", linking to a commercial site that can sell everything from home appliances to escort service in London.

One of the sections we added to the book, as requested by the last reviewers deals with the ecosystem of event processing with related concepts. One of the areas that we already started investigating is the relationship between event processing and business process management (AKA EDBPM), there is a recent paper on that c0-authored by Rainer von Ammon and some of his CITT colleagues, some of this work was done by Alex Kofman, my M.Sc. student (already graduated) and one of my IBM Haifa Research Lab colleagues. The paper has been linked recently from David Luckham's complexevents website. Enjoy! More on ecosystems later (I was asked to prepare something about the relationships between event processing and business intelligence for some IBM internal forum, will share it when prepared).

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