Wednesday, March 3, 2010

On proactive behavior and application performance management

David Mavashev from Nastel has pointed me to his posting entitled:"who owns application performance management", it deal with the issue of whether operations group or application group own the SLA type performance management, and gets to a conclusions that this is being handled reactively instead of proactively. This observation is true for other areas as well, in most services operations, when a problem is created, it is solved in a reactive way; if in the supermarkets the line in the checkouts become too long, they add more checkout personnel, the same goes in service centers. Move to more proactive behavior will save time, money and getting patient-less people like me from getting high blood pressure. The use of proactive systems is still in its beginning, event processing is a key part in it, but there are some missing pieces to make it proactive, as the current technology is geared towards reactive systems. More about proactive extensions to event processing -- later.

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