Wednesday, May 5, 2010

EPIA in video

Today, the Manning marketing guy, Steven Hong, attracted my attention that there is a recent video on YouTube that talks about CEP and shows in the last slide an adevertisment to the EPIA book (now in production phases -- most chapters already in typesetting).

It is interesting to see on the side various videos that deal with EP, including IBM'S CICS related stuff.

This remind me also that I forgot to mention the recording of the Webinar we gave in March 2010 on the ebizQ site. You can watch the recording (may need registration to ebizQ).

Have fun.

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andy said...

Hey, that's me in that video!
Yes, Manning was kind enough to give us 2 copies of your book as a giveaway, which was awesome!

I haven't had time to dig into the MEAP version yet, but when the full version arrives it'll get priority as we're really digging our heals into Esper's event processor at work.

Thanks for all the hard work on the book and the link to that video!