Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The decision model - Larry Goldberg's talk

A few months ago I have written a review about "THE DECISION MODEL" book. Today I have hosted in the Haifa Research Lab one of the authors, Larry Goldberg, who gave us a live talk about the model. The decision model provides table oriented representation of rules, where a table designates a family of rules which share the same consequence (i.e. the "right hand side" assigns value to the same fact), tables are connected in a way that a fact that is an outcome of one table is an input for another table, this brings some order to rules, and also fits both inference rules or computational rules. I see strong benefit of using such structured way, and also possible to build an hybrid flow of "rule families" and "event processing networks". I think that there is a future there. I was involved in the past in some similar effort to provide some structure to data-driven rules, a short ACM SIGMOD RECORD paper is referenced here.
I'll have a short presentation in DEBS 2010 around the relations between event processing and business rules (in the fast abstract session).

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