Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DEBS 2010 --- tutorial days and our context related tutorial

This is King's College in Cambridge, a palace shaped building in which I am staying now, and in which the DEBS 2010 conference is being held. This nice picture was taken by Jacklyn Banergee and can be found is a website called Victorian Web. Cambridge is a very nice place and I took some time both yesterday evening and this evening to walk around. There was one thing in DEBS 2010 that reminded of DEBS 2008 in Rome -- it is July, the weather is quite hot, and this place is not very strong on air-conditioning (there is none in the guest rooms!)-- it seems that it is not an important part in the European culture.

The first day of the DEBS conference was yesterday - a PhD workshop, I have attended part of it, today was the tutorial day, I have attended two tutorials - the one about wireless sensor networks (the first half) and the second about event processing reference architectures - you can view the tutorial page of the DEBS 2010 conference for more details. We also had a tutorial that was delivered by Ella Rabinovich and myself on context related stuff. I have written about contexts several times in this Blog, and the tutorial provides some details about the roles of tutorial, in-depth look about tutorials, and implementation of tutorials in practice. I've uploaded the tutorial on slideshare, and you can view it from there, I hope that the rest of the tutorials will follow soon. Tomorrow - the paper presentation part is starting.

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