Sunday, August 29, 2010

Congratulations to Richard Tibbetts for being named as TR35 2010 young innovator

Congratulations to one of the notable persons in the event processing community - Richard Tibbetts,  Streambase's CTO, for being named as TR35 2010 young innovator by the "Technology Review", a media company owned by MIT. 
This award is granted to young innovators under 35 years old, whose inventions and research are the most exciting, according to the judgement of the editors.   

There are also some other awards, most notably some the prestigious mathematics awards, that has age limitations - well the world belong to the young people these days. 

Anyway -- Richard is certainly both young and a notable innovator, and this shows another indication of the interest in event processing within various forums.  The award is indeed well deserved.

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Richard Tibbetts said...

Thank you very much Opher. The award is certainly an honor. And now you know exactly how old I am.

It's really a privilege to work with you in an emerging space that combines academic research and compelling business applications. Awards like this recognize the growth of and mainstream interest in event processing