Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New review for the EPIA book

It is holiday again, and tomorrow I am leaving for a short (2 days) vacation here in Israel with my family, and then in Sunday night, travelling to the USA for a short (4 days) business trip, where the highlight will be participation in the event processing - capital markets conference of OMG EP CoP;  here is the conference's program. I have been travelling too much recently, hope that after this trip I'll have a break in travelling.

Today I've noticed a new review of the EPIA book posted by Tushar Jain, a person I have not been familiar with so far.   Good to see that people like the book.   The reviewer is right that the conceptual model we described in the book still need to obtain acceptance like UML and BPMN,  well -- the next step is to try and work on standard proposal for event processing modeling language, and I'll take advantage of my coming trip to USA to try and kickoff this activity.
One comment -- I don't see the other books mentioned as competitive.  The book of Mani Chandy and Roy Schulte is a business oriented book, and our book is a technical oriented book, so the intersection is fairly limited, furthermore, we mention in the book that we don't deal thoroughly with the business perspective, and recommend Chandy and Schulte's book as a complimentary for those who would like to get deeper understanding of the business perspective.      Later in October I'll start teaching again a course in the Technion based on the EPIA book (first one since the book is out, though I have used the book's draft for previous course).

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