Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Some EPTS related news and call for application survey

With several more members that joined EPTS (= event processing technical society) recently, the number of members is getting closer to 100 (I think we are in 95 now).  There are several recent activities associated with EPTS:

  1. The Dagstuhl seminar  on event processing held in May 201 which is affiliated with EPTS and the follow-up activities have resulted in a complete draft of the "event processing manifesto" now up for review among the team.  I'll write about it in a separate posting.
  2. EPTS is going to hold its next symposium as a virtual symposium, meaning both speakers and audience will be able to participate over the cyberspace and the talks will be recorded.  The plan is now to hold it in March 2011 in conjunction with the OMG technical meeting,  I'll write more about the agenda, when it will be finalized (probably next week).
  3. The EPTS use cases working group, lead by Pedro Bizarro and Matthew Cooper has posted a use case survey, which should take 15 minutes to fill,  please contribute by responding to this survey

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