Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More on ACM SIG

Some people who are not familiar with ACM asked me by Email (and one comment on the Blog) to elaborate on the idea of ACM SIG for event processing, what is ACM SIG, and what will be the benefits of creating one?

The main answer, IMHO, is to get recognition that "event processing" is a discipline, and to have the logistic support for publications (periodic newsletter and scientific journal) and conferences, ACM also manages the  budget for SIGs, whose income are memberships and conferences' revenues, a capability we don't have in EPTS.   Note that DEBS is already ACM conference, currently sponsored by two SIGs:  SIGSOFT (the software engineering SIG) and SIGMOD (the database SIG).  Complete list of current SIGs is on the ACM site.   This kind of recognition will help grow the research community in this area and can help in accelerating the development of this area.  The main benefit will be to the research community, whose members have initiated this idea.     

You can look at a recent proposal about establishing "social computing SIG" on the ACM site to get the flavor.

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