Tuesday, December 7, 2010

On accountability

We on the Carmel ridge are still in the after-shock of the big fire,  a good article in English describing it was written by Professor Fania Oz from Haifa University.   The rain that arrived yesterday (a little bit too late) has washed away some of the smell,  but the feeling here is bitter, also due to the politicians behavior.   Even during the four days of fire fighting, the politicians became busy in sending the blames to others.   The current political culture is that nobody is accountable for anything.   Imagine that in the business world, a corporate would have suffered a major disaster, and its executives would keep blaming each other, and nobody would think he is accountable.     While I don't tend to write about politics in this Blog, I think that in general, people who takes responsibilities need to be accountable,  and when a major disaster in a corporate happens, the CEO should draw the conclusions, otherwise the board of directors spell out these conclusions. I wish this was also part of our political culture, but where is exactly the country's board of directors?  


J Writer Dude said...

I thought we were suppose to be the country's board of directors!

Opher Etzion said...

Hi Jeff. We don't really behave as the country's board of directors. We don't really select the right Prime Minister, but chose among what the parties elected as their candidates, which is often the lesser among evils, we also cannot fire the Prime Minister in real-time, the only thing we can do is pressure him to resign through demonstrations (but most people are too indifferent), or not electing
him again, I think that the country need more effective board of directors.