Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First comperhensive survey on event processing

The first  comprehensive survey on event processing  was accepted for publication in ACM Computing Surveys, the leading avenue of publication for surveys.  the survey was co-authored by GIANPAOLO CUGOLA and ALESSANDRO MARGARA and is available from the Politecenico di Milano webpage,  the paper surveys the area from the days of active databases until current products. The paper view complex event processing, data streams and active databases as kind of information flow processing, and as such information flow contains both events and data, thus the scope of this survey is quite large.  It compares different languages and systems in data model, rule model, time model and language model aspects.   In some cases I would probably use different terminology, but overall it is quite a comprehensive paper (70 pages long!) , and should be an interesting reading to anybody interested in this area.

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M said...

Interesting read indeed. I wonder what criteria they use to define CEP? Our 'ruleCore CEP Server' seems not to be CEP according to them. But they list most of our inspriration like Snoop, Amit, ECA and all that stuff.