Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Briefing a USA federal committee

In this picture you can see me and a tiger during my family vacation in Thailand, in 2007.
Today I met another TIGER - the standing committee for Technology Insight-Gauge, Evaluate & Review which is a committee of the USA National Academics that works on behalf of the USA intelligence community. 

I am still unsure how they picked me up, but they invited me to participate in a meeting with the committee members and some other participants through video conference and brief them on the state of the practice, my vision for event processing in 2020, and the challenges on the way to get there.  This is an indication that event processing has caught the attention of  defense sector as well.    The vision part talked about the Event Fabric devised as the grand challenge in the Dagstuhl event processing seminar,  published as chapter 5 in the event processing manifesto (BTW - in DEBS 2011 there will be a tutorial about this grand challenge). 
Another topic was of course, the proactive world, my favorite topic.  

I was asked what is the killer application that will drive the 2020 vision, and said there is no single killer application, there are multiple of them, and I see many of them outside the corporate IT domain, such as autonomic robots and computing embedded in biological systems.   Of course, defense applications will also be part of the driving forces.    More on this topics -- later


Rainer von Ammon said...

We should not call it "killer application" as I already mentioned at CEP-Dagstuhl seminar 2010: I attended e.g. a conference about "Pervasive Computing" in Vienna 2004 where a speaker talked about killer applications and the audience was not amused... Let's call it "breakthrough applications" as it was suggested, especially if you talk with the USA intelligence community

Opher Etzion said...

Hi Rainer.

It is probably a matter of culture, in the USA "killer application" is considered as an expression that is frequently used. Maybe in Europe people are more sensitive to the meaning. BTW - "killer application" doesn't mean breakthrough, but it means the application that drives the technology.