Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DeRiVE 2011 - a workshop in ISWC' 11

With the help of the DBWORLD mailing list, I have learned about a planned workshop in  ISWC' 11 (International Semantic Web Conference) that deals with Detection, Representation, and exploitation of Events in the Semantic Web.  I think that having an event processing related workshop in conjunction with other communities is a good idea, there is one that runs along the BPM conference, and there have been in the past workshops/tutorials/sessions within various other conferences as well.   

This specific workshop posed several questions for the submitters, and intends to hold a "data" challenge - given a dataset of events - show extensions, demos or interesting applications.  The events will be in areas of music and entertainment.

Again - good idea, I hope it will be successful event, and making it "free publicity" here.
There is one concern, and this is a repeating phenomenon in the academic community:  people are doing things that were done before in slightly different manner within another community, sometimes using different terminology, since the two communities are not communicating, sometimes at least one of them is not aware of the other.   Looking at the list of organizers - none of them looked familiar to me, not surprising, since I have never dealt with semantic web issues,  if they organize such a workshop they probably do something in this area that I am not familiar with, so maybe I am missing something.   On the other hand, they mention that there is work around event modeling in other communities such as: information retrieval or multimedia, but they might be unaware that there is an active event processing research community, and they might also be missing something that was done before...   

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