Sunday, June 19, 2011

Smart cars -- towards proactive elimination of car accidents

Thanks to a posting of Rainer von Ammon in the CEP forum,  a "killer" application of proactive computing,  is the MIT smart cars that predict human behavior of other drivers and intended to eliminate accidents.  This is intended for the interim period where some of the car will be autonomic and some manually driven.  The rate of success is high, still not perfect.   Actually this is the opposite of a killer application - it is a life saver. 
I guess that in the future, all cars will be driven by computers and this will be able to eliminate the accidents (or minimize them),  since human behavior cannot be totally predictable,  More on ability to predict events - later.   


Rainer von Ammon said...

Hi Opher, see some ideas we could do together or with the EP-TS under

Opher Etzion said...

Hello Ranier.

I am not sure that EPTS is the appropriate forum, but I can see what the other partners think.

In any event, I believe that research into synergies of event processing with areas that are outside corporate IT -- robotics, automated cars, biology -- should be a major focus in the research community. The business community will join in the next step.



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