Friday, July 22, 2011

Another implementation of the "Fast Flower Delivery"

In the EPIA book, we had a running example used for demonstrating all constructs in the book, the example described a scenario called:  "Fast Flower Delivery".    During the book writing we approached the event processing community and issued call for implementations, there has been six implementations that were ready  during the book's writing:  Aleri (currently Sybase),  Apama(Progress),  Esper, Etalis,   ruleCore and Streambase.    It seems that more implementations are being devised,    I was asked for permission to use the "Fast Flower Delivery" scenario as the running example in an upcoming book teaching the use of one of the products,  will write about that when this book will be out. 

Recently,  an implementation of this scenario in IBM Websphere Business Events (WBE) was posted on IBM developerWorks as a tutorial to teach the use of that product.  
Seems to becoming the "Hello World" of event processing.  

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Marco said...

Thanks Opher, FFD really seems to become some de-facto hello world now, which is great!

Unfortunately, I cannot find the esper implementation on their website, maybe it is no longer available there? If someone could help me, this would be great.

As now many implementations for FFD are available, any ideas on how to make this into some standardized test to measure some performance relevant properties?