Monday, July 25, 2011

On event processing critical success factors

Some other input related to student's work, is the posting of Sascha Retter, based on his diploma thesis (the term discloses the origin in Germany).   The observation is about critical success factors of event processing systems -  integration with workflow management system, and modeling tools.   There is some truth in both observations, but I would like to take broader view. 

There is a market for stand-alone event processing systems, but we have observed that the larger market is  event processing embedded in other systems,  workflow management systems, or in the more modern name "Business Process Management" (BPM) is one of these systems, but this is not the only one, there are both other systems in which event processing can be embedded inside, e.g. analytic frameworks, sensor networks and more.  It may also be embedded within packaged applications - like trading platforms, supply chain management and much more.  

Modeling tool are a vehicle for usability, and indeed usability and ease of use has been identified as a critical success factor.   This is now a well recognized fact.

There are other critical success factors for various applications, like non-functional requirements (performance).  I also believe that standards are critical success factor for the entire area.

The EPTS use case survey provides more insights into properties and preferences of event processing customers. 


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