Saturday, July 2, 2011

Preview of the DEBS 2011 tutorial on non functional properties of event processing

During the next few weeks I am planned to attend two conferences in the USA, DEBS'11 and AAAI'11, in both of them I am delivering tutorials (each with another colleague).    The DEBS tutorial is about non functional properties of event processing, and it is now in advanced phases of preparation.   
Non functional is a strange name, since typically name refer to positive aspects and not to negative aspects (starting with "non").    The slide below sows the agenda,  the two large topic we'll discuss are the "performance and scalability" and "usability".   The other topics are discussed more in brief.
I think that systematic treatment in these aspects are both interesting and important -- for example,  we found out that in the two major performance criteria - throughput and latency, different people mean different things and measure different things.  I'll dedicate some posts in this Blog on the insights we collected during preparation of this tutorial,  on these and other aspects.     After the DEBS conference I'll post the full tutorial slides on slideshare, as done in the past.

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Marco said...

Looking forward to see your slides. Unfortunately, I'm not going to make it for the conference, although very interested in the availability and security part! I assume, you are going to present solutions rather than just challenges? ;)