Monday, August 8, 2011

AAAI 2011 tutorial on event processing and its challenges

San Francisco.   Just had dinner in an English pub here, it also serves the same food of pubs in England, and the receptionist at the hotel is saying "lift" instead of "elevator",  but I am really not in England, but in San Francisco.  

Today I have given a tutorial together with Yagil Engel in AAAI 2011 about event processing and research challenges in establishing the next generations of event processing that might be of interest to the AI community. 
The tutorial is now available on slideshare.  
 It consists of two parts - the first one is introduction to event processing which is similar to previous talks I have given, and is in essence a short version of the VLDB 2010 tutorial,  the second part talked about the challenges,  the outline slide of the second part can be seen below:

More details in the tutorial itself -- enjoy!

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