Friday, November 11, 2011

Darko's PhD defense

On Wednesday I have been in Karlsruhe, Germany,  been on the exam committee of Darko Anicic in Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, one of the elite universities in Germany.   After the defense Darko's colleagues gave him this hat with a lot of pictures and some gadgets glued to it, and he had to guess for each of them what is the meaning and how it is related to him  (because of me, I guess, they have conducted this ceremony in English).    Darko's dissertation was on Etalis, a logic programming based event processing engine, Darko has investigated the implementation of event processing on top of a logic-based knowledge base that contains background knowledge and inference capabilities.  He also took the challenge and implemented the Fast Flower Delivery example from the EPIA book; Etalis is available as open source.  
I think that Darko has done very good work, both in the conceptual level and in proving the concept (he has done measurements that indicated that the performance is roughly equivalent and some times better than existing engines).  I hope that Darko will be able to continue and grow as a researcher. 

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