Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reactive and proactive as relative terms

This is one of the most famous visual paradoxes, in this picture one can see a young girl or and old woman, some people see only one of them, with some concentration one see both.   This is a kind of relative view, in event processing there are some relative terms, I have written a while ago about the fact that the terms raw and derived events are relative,  a derived event in one sub-system can be raw event of another sub-system.. 
There are other cases of relative views (an entity may be both consumer and producer, for instance).  

I have reminded on relativism while reading an article about the keynote talk of Jeff Shulman (Gartner's manager of the application integration and web services analysts team).  Shulman is talking about cloud, mobile and CEP as the leading trends for application development and integration.   
As a remark to Shulman's keynote, the article bring an interesting response of  Chris Dressler, VP Technology in Cablevision,  he sees a  CEP can be used to find and correct issues before the end user has the need to make a complaining call.
This is an interesting example,  from the service provider's point of view (cable TV company in this case), this is a reactive application, tracking events that already happened and react to them, from the home consumer point of view this might be proactive, since the consumer may not yet felt the impact of the problem, so from the consumer point of view, this is elimination of problem that has not really happened.    More on this distinction - later. 

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